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Things to do in Torremolinos

If you want to know the true idiosyncrasy of Torremolinos, La Carihuela is the ideal place – an old seafaring neighbourhood to the west, specifically in the south-west of the town. A good place to start a walk along the seaside can be reached by heading to plaza del Remo. If you walk west, you’ll arrive at Puerto Marina in Benalmádena. If you choose the eastern route, you’ll enjoy numerous shops and restaurants in La Carihuela, admire la Punta or el Morro de Torremolinos, the natural monument which splits the Paseo Marítimo in two, and enjoy the other beaches until arriving at the end of Los Álamos. A pleasant and relaxing experience next to the sea.

Things to Do Torremolinos y Benalmádena: Video
Things to Do Torremolinos y Benalmádena: Blog2
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